Measuring Success for Breweries

Competitive marketing tools for breweries to benchmark their performance and move toward their goals

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Know your competition

Put context behind the numbers by looking at them from a wide view of the entire brewing industry. See how the competition stacks up with flexible charting and ranking tools.

Discover peers

Find similar breweries to yours in markets across the United States.

All in one place

Get all of your metrics in a single platform. Analyze performance across networks and see if your efforts are meeting your goals.


Benchmark against breweries based on their location. Compare your brewery locally by county, city, state or region.

Reporting and Visualization

Slice and dice the data any way you'd like with reporting tools and beautiful, dynamic visualizations.

More on the way

The tools at PintCharts are in constant development being driven by the needs of leaders in the craft brewing industry.


Rank breweries by any metric and create filters to compare your efforts to peers.

Loading the top micro breweries in the mountain states

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Charts and Graphs

Investigate market share of social media metrics through visualizations.

This chart is comprised of the market share for Facebook People Talking About This over Regional Breweries from the entire United States.

Monitor your performance through charts and graphs tailored to the needs of breweries.

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Get all the metrics you care about in one place! Here's a list of networks covered by PintCharts. Want more? Just ask!

Network Metric Count
Facebook 4
Twitter 2
Rate Beer 2
Beer Advocate 2
Wikipedia 1
Foursquare 3
Yelp 3
Instagram 2
Tumblr 1
Trip Advisor 2
Youtube 2
Vimeo 2
Untappd 2

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PintCharts was founded in 2013 with a vision of changing the way data is used in the industry. Starting with digital marketing tools, PintCharts looks to expand into any and every section of the brewing industry where data can help answer the big questions and move the needle forward. PintCharts is a subsidiary of ABVMetrics, an umbrella company with goal of building tools for every facet of the beverage industry.

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